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Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering is the ability to solve complex problems by the use of science given present conditions as your only evidence.  My graduate degree in Engineering Science included Civil, Structural, Industrial, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.  It takes these various disciplines at times to solve complex problems, plus I bring with me the over 4,000 past assignments and 30 years of experience.


Extensive experience gives me the credibility in expert witness testimony involving structural collapses, deterioration of materials, accidents and equipment failures.  I am dedicated to solving both simple and complex cases using engineering science principles.  My clients include insurance companies, contractors, property owners, architects, engineers and legal professionals.  I have testified in Federal, State and Local courts presenting technical data in a way that is understood by lawyers, judges and juries.


  • Construction Accident Investigations

  • Automobile Accdient Investigations

  • Building System Failures of Concrete, Wood & Steel

  • Building Inspections - Commercial and Residential

  • Building Collapses

  • Building Code Compliance

  • Industry Standard Compliance

  • Faulty Products


Examples Include:


  • 911 Crash Site - Schneksville, PA

  • Arizona Drug Tunnels - Determining profile of builders of drug tunnels from Douglas, Arizona to New Mexico

  • Fire Entrapment - Reading, PA

  • Rock Creek Bridge Collapse - Washington, D.C.

  • Pedestrian Bridge Collapse - Ithaca, NY

  • Home Explosion - Stuebenville, OH

  • Patio Deck Collapse - Poconoes, PA

  • Interstate - 80, 20 - Car Pile Up - Clarion, PA

  • International Airport Beam Collapse - Pittsburgh, PA

  • I168 Truck Crash - MD




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